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      "You won't get much pork, unless you're a good forager," said one of Si's friends he met at Louisville, and who had been a year in the service.

      "Hold on there," said Si, "don't come too close. If you've got the countersign, advance and give it. If ye ain't got it, I'll jest call the Officer of the Guard!"Pen put her cheek in his hair. "Foolish one! What has respect to do with it?"

      He presently went on: "That's the trouble with life to a man like me: I have no particular incentive to do anything.""Pen, are you there?"

      II. This then being, I trust, clear, our next subject will be the object of the ministry; and this is taught very clearly in the words,The p. 52ministry of reconciliation. The reconciliation of the sinner to God is the great result, to attain which God founded the ministry. The question has been raised whether, by the reconciliation here mentioned, is meant the reconciliation of God to the sinner, or the reconciliation of the sinner to God. Surely both are included. In our guilty and ruined condition there is a double enmity. Man, through his corruption, is at enmity with God; and God, through His righteousness, is at enmity with rebellious man. And as there is a double enmity through sin, so, likewise, is there a double reconciliation through Christ. God, His law being satisfied, is reconciled to the sinner; and the sinner, his heart being changed, is reconciled unto God."Them fellers ain't sewin' on no buttons. Si," he replied; "they're skirmishin'."


      "Shut up," said Shorty, giving him a kick under the blankets. "Do you want me to have a night mare?""I'll make sure that you don't get away, anyhow. I ought to've done this at first."


      Pen suddenly conscious of the absurd figure she must be making, put up her hands and unpinning her hair, shook it about her shoulders. Don drew in his oars, and creeping aft caught up the dark tide and pressed it to his lips.Part of the harvest had already been gathered, and the first assault