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      I believe it is! agreed Jeff. Why dont you three take a look. Yonders a hangar and the roll-door is lifted a little. Maybe youd spot that there Mister Spook and clear up the mystery while I work.

      & Christ is mi salvation."

      "So you kinso you kin," said Shorty, reaching out from behind the bushes and catching him by the collar. "And to show you how, I'll jest gether you in."

      "'Twon't help yer niggeh-stealin' army a mite t' pi'nt out Goober Crick t' me. I ain't gwine t' tote ye over nor show ye the fords."

      Quick to learn, retentive of memory, not repeating the same mistakeseven working out some points for himselfLarry, at the end of the fifth day, was gratified to have Jeff, as he slipped off the Gossport, tell him:


      "O, come off, Si; come off, Shorty!" appealed some of Co. Q from the alders. "drop that. You ain't goin' to be mean, boy's. You don't need to know nothin' about that, an' why go makin' yourselves fresh when there's no necessity? We want that awful bad, and we've paid good money for it."We have here, indeed, something comparable not only to the scepticism of the New Academy, but also to the Aristotelian criticism of Platos metaphysics; and, at first sight, it might seem as if the Peripatetic philosophy was destined once more to regain the position taken from it by the resuscitation of its ancient foe. But Locke was not inclined to substitute one form of scholasticism for another. By applying the analytical method of Atomism to knowledge itself, he created a weapon equally fatal to the two competing systems. Under his dissection, the concrete individual substance of the one vanished no less completely than the universal ideas of the other. Nothing remained but a bundle of qualities held together by a subjective bond.


      "What I do as a private soldier, Mr. Blakesley," said Shorty with dignity, "haint nothing to do with my conduct when I'm charged with responsible dooty. It's my dooty to stop the awful practice o' likker-drinkin' in this camp, an' I'm goin' to do it, no matter what the cost. You jest shet up that clam-shell o' your'n an' stop interfering with your officers."