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      "Not this one. Ah, sweet, a thousand thousand pardon!"--the speaker bent to her hearer's ear--"I saw you when you kiss' it--and before."He had to go to London to buy some articles of mourninggloves[256] and a hat-band, and so on, which he could not obtain in primitive Oakfieldand so he passed down St. Jamess Street within a stones-throw of Trafford.

      He went to his place at the other end of the table, and, to their mutual relief, the neat parlor-maid came in to wait upon them.

      Anna "thought the name was all from the song."

      They climbed the hill behind the hut, Varley gathering some pine branches as he went along. When they had gained the summit, he piled the branches in a heap and set fire to them.

      Her eyes flashed into his: "You are Hilary Kincaid. I will stan'!"


      The truth now stands between us, he said. It was because I held conclusive proof of your guilt that I asked you to spare us both. I will now ask you to listen to the proposal I have come to make to you. Ignorant of the world as you[235] are, you will know that it is impossible that we should live together under the same roof any longer. It is impossible that we can breathe the same air.


      Strangely, amid a swarm of keen perceptions that plagued him like a cloud of arrows as he ran, that beauty smote his conscience; her beauty and the worship and protection it deserved from all manhood and most of all from him, whose unhappy, unwitting fortune it was to have ensnared her young heart and brought it to the desperation of an unnatural self-revealment; her uncoveted beauty, uncourted love, unwelcome presence, and hideous peril! Was he not to all these in simplest honor peculiarly accountable? They lanced him through with arraignment as, still waving her beseechingly, commandingly back, with weapons undrawn the more swiftly to part the way before him, his frenzy for Anna drew him on, as full of introspection as a drowning man, thinking a year's thoughts at every step. Oh, mad joy in pitiful employment! Here while the millions of a continent waged heroic war for great wrongs and rights, here on the fighting-line of a beleaguered and starving city, here when at any instant the peal of his own guns might sound a fresh onset, behold him in a lover's part, loving "not honor more," setting the seal upon his painful alias, filching time out of the jaws of death to pursue one maiden while clung to by another. Oh, Anna! Anna Callender! my life for my country, but this moment for thy life and thee! God stay the onslaught this one moment!


      "Law, Miss Nannie! Me leave you? I--"