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      Three minutes afterwards the cabin-boy knocked at her door, and told her that there was a person from Arcachon to see her, a dressmaker with things that had been ordered for her.

      "I accept your sentence, though it is severe; but I don't accept my freedom. I am your slave for a year. I shall be your slave when the year is out. I am yours, and yours alone for life. And now give me that cup of tea, Allegra, which you have not poured out yet, and let us fancy ourselves Darby and Joan."

      Esmeralda obeyed.

      "I think it is making a great deal too much of her to go to Falmouth on purpose to see her," said Isola, with a grain of pettiness; and then, after a pause, during which the colonel had been trying to appease a sharp appetite with the muscular leg of an elderly fowl, she said nervouslyWell, Ralda! he said in his slow, low-pitched voice. No need to ask how you arethough, by the way, he added, as the flush which his advent had caused left her cheek, youre looking a little off color!




      To Esmeralda, Belfayre was a Palace of Delight. It was not so much the magnificence, the luxury and regal splendor of the place, nor its vastness which gave her so much pleasure, as the fact that there she was indeed in the country, that she was within reach of the seaa never-ceasing wonder to herand that she was surrounded by animalshorses, dogs, cattlewith which she could make friends.