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      The Rice Gets the Bulge 061

      "Let's put the chauffeur inside and ride out in the air. The moon will be up directly."

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      [292] Report of Conference between Major-General Johnson and the Indians, June, 1755.V1 His star, so bright a twelvemonth before, was now miserably dimmed. In both his public and private life he was the butt of adversity. He had lost two promising sons; he had made a mortifying failure as a soldier; and triumphant enemies were rejoicing in his fall. It is to the credit of his firmness and his zeal in the cause that he set himself to his task with as much vigor as if he, and not others, were to gather the fruits. His chief care was for his favorite enterprise in the direction of Lake Ontario. Making Albany his headquarters, he rebuilt the fort at the Great Carrying Place destroyed in March by the French, sent troops to guard the perilous route to Oswego, and gathered provisions and stores at the posts along the way.



      [477] Montcalm au Ministre de la Guerre, 11 Juillet, 1757.