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      The court-yards were thronged with the retainers of the Baron, beguiling the hour until the ceremony called them into the hall. This apartment, which corresponded in magnificence and beauty with the outward appearance of the noble pile, was of an oblong shape. Carved representations of battles adorned the lofty oaken ceiling, and suspended were banners and quarterings of the Sudley and De Boteler families. Ancestral statues of oak, clad in complete armour, stood in niches formed in the thick walls. The heavy linked mail of the Normans, with the close helmet, or skull cap, fastened under the chin, and leaving the face exposed, encased those who represented the early barons of Sudley; while those of a later period were clad in the more convenient, and more beautiful armour of the fourteenth century. The walls were covered with arms, adapted to the different descriptions of soldiers of the period, and arranged so, as each might provide himself with his proper weapons, without delay or confusion.

      I have brought in Miss Propert, he said, while I am getting a cab for her to take her home. It is snowing heavily. And this is my daughter, Miss Propert.Holgrave looked contempt, and spoke defiance; but Calverley retired without seeming to heed either his looks or his words.

      That could be managed. I think I may say I could guarantee that.

      Have I, indeed? You must have everything your own way. And how are the bluebells getting on?"If nothing happens," he answered, "we shall see the coast of Japan in about twenty days. We have five thousand miles to go, and I understand the steamer will make two hundred and fifty miles a day in good weather."


      "We feel we've got to. They want all the young men."I feel sure it would be a pleasure to me to do you any favour that is in my power, said the other.


      Keelings preoccupation with the Club suddenly ceased. He wanted so much more to know anything that concerned Norah.


      All day the work went forward as usual: there was a heavy budget to answer, and it was not till nearly six that Norah had her letters ready for his signature. He made no payment to her for such over-time work, for the balance was more often on the other side, and she got away before her time. As he passed her back the last of the batch, he said,