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      The search developed nothing. The Lieutenant-Colonel came back to Si, angrier than ever."If he's in the woods when he heard the searchers approach how easy it would be to climb a tree until they had passed."

      In spite of the down-pour the army was forming up rapidly to resume the advance upon Murfreesboro', and over the ground on the left, that had proved so disastrous to the rebels the day before."O, Greenland's icy mountains," was all that he could think to say.

      They were not 100 yards away from the train, when the Conductor came storming up:

      The dogs raised a clamor, which directed all eyes to the road. Sol Simmons and the rest could be seen coming on a dead run.

      "I don't believe hit a mite," said the Sergeant, stooping down and picking up a piece of cedar, which made a formidable club. "We'uns is not a-gwine back with yo'uns nary a step. By rights, we'uns orter take yo'uns back with we'uns. But I'm willin' to call hit off, and let yo'uns go ef yo'uns 'll let we'uns go. Is hit a bargain?"


      "I made my way to a house where I knew I'd find some men who had scouted with me before. I knew they might be suspicious of me, but I could get them to go along by pretending to have orders from Headquarters for a scout. I got to the house by morning, found some of them there, gathered up some more263 unt have been riding around all day, looking at the Yankee lines, unt trying to find some way to get inside. I'm nearly dead for sleep, but I must have these papers in General Rosecrans's hands before I close my eyes.""Si, don't ask me impossibilities. But I want you to take every cent o' this money and keep it. Don't you ever give me more'n at a time, under any consideration. Don't you do it, if I git down on my knees and ask for it. Lord, how nigh I come to losin' that o' your father's."


      He who unfurled our beauteous banner